John Cabot

By: Lorenza Carrillo

Early Life Introduction

  • John Cabot was born in Italy on 1450
  • He engaged in a naval career and moved around the world constantly
  • He married Mattea and they had 3 children, Ludovico,Sancto,and Sebastiano
  • Cabot was inspired by Christopher Colombus and got interested in exploration
  • Cabot moved to Bristol, England in with his family
  • King Henry VII (England) provided a patent that bought 5 ships and a crew for Cabot
  • His crew was terminated by bad conditions and lack of supply
  • Known for landing in new territory in North America (Cape Breton)
  • Died on 1499 in a shipwreck (theory)

Exploration & Effects

Areas Explored

His first explorations were based on finding a new and shorter water route to reach Asia and all of its spices and wealth. In 1496 he sailed on his first voyage which lasted little and was unsuccessful. Later in 1497 he crossed all of the Atlantic Ocean and finally reached territory in North America. He had found and Island later known as Newfoundland, here he mentioned that it seemed as if the place was inhabited but saw no people. He explored many regions during his life such as westward of England, southern part of Canada and the northern Atlantic Ocean. When he was in the island he explored the perimeter and found other regions within, these are today known as the Cabot Strait (60,000 mile channel). He believed he had reached Asia, though he was wrong since he had reached North America. His last exploration set sail on 1498 and was never heard from again, there are many theories as to what happened but none have been proven.

Effects of the Exloration

  • Discovery of new terriory
  • England first settlement of colonies in the New World
  • Expansion of British land
  • Increase in Exploration
  • Diffusion of English language
  • Trail for new Explorers
  • Modifying of maps
  • Led to Colonization of Canada
  • English rise to power


“Sayled in this tracte so farre towarde the weste, that the Ilande of Cuba bee on my lefte hande, in manere in the same degree of longitude.”

—John Cabot

1450- Born in Genoa, Italy

1471-Moves to Venice and becomes a citizen

1474- Cabot Marries Mattea, later on they have children

1480- Engages in a naval career

1488- John moves to Spain due to debts

1495- Cabot moves to England in the hope of receiving a patent

1496- He sets sail after Henry VII sponsors his trip, though it ends up failing

1497- Cabot sets sail on his 2nd voyage, he reaches Newfoundland and claims it for Henry VII

1497- Cabot returns to England and receives another chance to go exploring due to his success

1498- Cabot sails with his crew and in 1499 is never heard from again