Classroom News

Grade 5/6

Our first month of 2016 is already done!

This past January was a busy but wonderful month in classroom 205. Students were very welcoming when I first started on January 4th. The month of January went by so quickly and lots of learning took place! Grade 6's worked diligently on their Biodiversity projects and we explored such topics as local biodiversity and the effect of humans on the environment. Grade 5's explored Energy and we learned how Energy transfers through experiments with copper wire, batteries and light bulbs. We discovered how our classroom climate varies in different parts of our room. We are working on a plan to conserve energy in our classroom.
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Website Links for Learning

In February the grade 5's continue with a measurement unit in Math, persuasive writing in Language and we continue our covenant stories in Religion. They will also be starting a new Social Studies unit on Aboriginal People. Grade 6's will begin Social Studies unit on our Global Community.