Heifer International

Together We Have Power Over Hunger and Poverty

The History of Heifer International

Dan West was an aid worker in the Spanish Civil War. West gave cups of milk to the thirsty and starving, but soon realized this was not enough. Inspired by the logic, "Give a man a fish vs. Teach a man to fish", West thought "Instead of cups of milk, why not a cow?" Hence, Heifer International. Heifer International gives livestock to communities around the world in need, and those communities in turn pass it on.

Heifer Internation donantes livestock to communities in need.

Goat: $120

Heifer: $500

Water Buffalo: $250

Heifer International at Cuthbertson

3:00 PM Donations

I am Sally Parker

I create posters to advance the world & CUthbertson High School.

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