My Life

health period 5, by Libby Hellman

Homlessness in VA

My greatest accomplishment is a tricky thing to find, because I have done many small things that certainly do not amount to much at all. I did have my proud moments, and one of them was helping the homeless. I created my own private little organization that would buy care packages for the homeless and set out on the streets to find them. We would usually give two bags per person, one with non perishable food and water, then one with necessities like first aid, blankets, and hygiene items. We spent over $200 at Walmart this year and nothing describes how happy I felt to know I was helping someone. I was really affected by seeing those people out on the streets as a little child, and it still does wrench at my heart.

The Good and the Bad

I do have my weaknesses, but also my strengths. I guess I'm kind of smart, and was placed in a Center Based Gifted program, and I see that as a strength. I am also very good at talking in front of large audiences. I love speaking to people, no matter what size the audience or where ever I'm talking. Branching off of of that, I am also pretty confident. I don't think that I am over confident, I just have enough so that I am not afraid of most things.

The Hellmans

My family is an interesting one, different from most. My sister, who is younger than me by two years, has a mental disability. Her brain matures at a different rate than others, a slower one. She repeated kindergarten, has an instructional assistant follow her around, and takes different tests than everyone else in the grade. When all of her peers are on their phones, she is discovering dolls and playing with them for hours. My brother is also different in a special way. He has Encopresis, which is not pleasant. Nonetheless, I love them both.

The Group

I don't even know if I would be alive without my friends. They have honestly saved me in every way possible, and I love them to pieces. There is a saying, which is, "Sometimes the person you would take a bullet for is the one holding the trigger." Those were the kinds of friends I used to have. I switched elementary schools and made new ones, then came to Manchester and made even more. I am so grateful for the ones I have now. I can laugh myself to tears with them, and when I'm in tears there is always a shoulder. I would hate to see myself without them, because it would be a shame to watch my soul die.


I love horses. A horse is also another one of my closest friends that I can tell a secret to. So, of course, my favorite sport is horseback riding. Music is another way I cheer myself up, and my favorite song is Kathleen by Catfish & the Bottlemen. My favorite genre of music is probably alternative rock, or rock. A few other favorites are my iPhone, my Chuck Taylor's, PJ (the pony I ride), my lizard, and the New York Giants.
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A Bright Future?

The thought of my future is an intimidating highway road that I have to cross. My siblings won't be able to create much of a future for themselves, so it is my responsibility to make the best for myself. I want to go to Stanford or Yale. Not just want; Need. I plan to major in psychology, and it fascinates me more than anything else. I have to do well in school though, because my parents sure as heck will not be able to pay tuition, so I have to get a scholarship. I have to.

I am actually in this picture! I am the one with the blue boots. (This was after a horse show)

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