Little Tennessee River Basin

By: Jason A. And Jalen G.

Where Little Tennessee is located.

The Little Tennessee river starts from the headwaters at the Tennessee river and splits off into North Carolina. The mouth of the river dumps off into into The Gulf of Mexico. It's major tributaries include Cullasja, Nanthala, Tuckasegee and Cheoah rivers. The Little Tennessee river is 2,627 square miles long. Also 94,566 people live in the Little Tennessee river basin.

More about The Little Tennessee River

One of the great places is Great Smoky Mountains Institute a place where you can learn about the smoky mountains and what they are all about. Highlands Nature Center is another great place. You can learn about the wildlife around the smoky mountains. There is also The Great Smoky Mountains National park. Where you can walk around the smoky mountains hike and even camp. Another Famous place is Clingsmans Dome. The last famous place is the Cherokee Indian Reservation. Where you can meet Indians and learn their great culture. Two non-point pollution points in this river basin are runoff and pesticides. The runoff has fertilizers and manure in the water that dumps into the river. The pesticides become airborne and float into the river and pollute the water. Two point source pollution are faulty sewage pipes and discharges from water treatment plants. The faulty sewage pipes break and dump all of the contaminated sewage into the river. The discharge from the treatment facility let out some contaminated water that hasn't been treated and was dumped into the river. A solution to the runoff and pesticides is to control the farming and put fences around farms this will keep in all the manure and hopefully stop the pesticides. A solution to the faulty pipes and facility discharges we can keep constant maintenance on the pipes and facility's so they never break.

Creatures and plants near the Little Tennessee River