Fresh Feet

One step closer to freshness

Why is ours the best?

Are you tired of being confronted by your mom about your horrible smelling feet? Well if that's you then you need the new and great smelling Fresh Feet. Fresh Feet is a modern twist on shoe deodorant spray and powder. Don't worry about those icky and clumpy feelings that the other shoe deodorants cause. Fresh step is a scented strip you stick in your shoes that disinagratse as you walk, leaving no sticky residue just a wonderful smell of your choice.

For $2.50 get these amazing scents


The materials used to make the Fresh Feet strips are

. Polysorbate 80

. Glycerl Oleate

. Thymol

. Propylene Glycol

. Eucalyptol

Scientific Advisor: Abu Aslamkhan