Newborn Care


Title (5 pts)

Think of a catchy slogan for the top of your flyer. It should be something attention grabbing and relates to your topic of newborn care.

Facts (15 pts)

4 subtopics with pertinent information

Each subtopic should be summarized in its' own paragraph. In the paragraph you should include information about how it is related to the neonate and or the person caring for the child. Do your own writing- cutting and pasting is not allowed! Grammar and spelling should be correct. Please proofread.

Images (10 pts)

4 images

You must include a minimum of 4 images that help illustrate or clarify the information presented in the paragraph.

Link (5 pts)

1 link

Include a link to a TRUSTWORTHY website that shares information that goes beyond what you have written in your paragraphs. The information should enhance, not repeat. Include a title and description of the link.

Video (5 pts)

1 video

Include a video that demonstrates something about your topic. Assess the source of the video- ones from professional organizations are more reliable than those put up by individuals. Add a title for your video and a short description.

Citations (5 pts)

Minimum of 5 sources

You must research a minimum of 5 sources for your flyer. This includes video and link. You need to submit following MLA format on a separate document.

Submission (5 pts)

You must include a section with your first name + last initial + class #. You must mark your Smore flyer as private under the flyer settings. You must email me the link by the due date. In your email under the subject line- write class # + last name.

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