IFN Community Chronicle

November & December 2019 Edition

IFN President's Message

I am thankful to Allah SWT and to our entire community for honoring and giving me the opportunity to serve you for another term as your President. I am committed to serve you with the best of my abilities and please Allah SWT. Not only have you entrusted me with this responsibility for leading our community, but I also humbly request you to continue to provide me with your ideas and feedback.

I would like to Congratulate Sr. Mona Ahmad, Brs. Aamir Ahmed, Waseem Khan and AbdulHai Khaleel for being elected as the members of the Executive Committee to serve IFN community. I would also like to congratulate our newly elected BOT members, Brs.Saquib Ahmed, Irshad Khan, Farzan Mahmood, Naveed Ismail and Sr. Ambareen Sheriff.

I am thankful to my outgoing EC members Brs. Rafiq Rakhangi, Sabah Khan, Masood Ali Khan and Yousuf Mohammed for their tireless efforts and dedication. They were the driving force for so many meaningful accomplishments during their tenure and I pray that Allah SWT give them reward for their efforts, and services for IFN community and accept all their good deeds, Aameen.

I would also like to thank outgoing BOT members, Dr. Fahmida Khan, Dr. Rubina Khan, Brs.Tanveer Jaffar, Dr. Shahabuddin and Br. Rizwan Sheikh for their vision and support and May Allah SWT give them reward for their efforts and services to IFN community, Aameen.

Alhamdolillah, with the help of generous donations we were able to ship the 3rd container of rice bags this year to our Syrian refugee sisters and brothers. May Allah SWT protect and make it easy for them and please keep them in your duas.

Umrah Seminar By Imam Azfar

A few families from our community were going to perform Umrah in November and December. How to perform Umrah Seminar took place on November 3rd, 2019 in the banquet hall. This seminar gave an understanding of this important journey and therefore helped families to be better prepared. Equally it was a refresher course for brothers and sisters who have performed Umrah before. As far as our masjid's annual Umrah trip, Imam Azfar will have a separate Umrah seminar in March for that purpose.

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IFN Outreach Article Written By Sr. Helena Abushamaa

On Nov 2, Girl Scout Troop 40977 from Buffalo Grove visited IFN to learn about Islam and tour the masjid. Alhamdulillah, they enjoyed the visit (and lots of cookies!) and had many interesting questions regarding the Arabic language, the musallah, wudu and dating.

On Nov 7, IFN Outreach visited Antioch High School for their Religious Forum. This is an interfaith forum where all the Freshmen have a chance to meet with representatives from different religious organizations to learn about basic tenets and ask questions. This forum is modeled after Lakes Community High School's annual forum in Lake Villa, which has been a huge success for the past few years. This forum focused on the monotheistic religions so the 360+ students met with representatives from Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith groups.

On Nov 22, about 100 seniors from Carmel High School visited IFN for their annual World Religions field trip. IFN has been a regular stop on these field trips for the past few years. The students learned about the basics of Islam while enjoying some donuts, asked questions and toured the musallah.

Clothing & Shoe Recycling Program @ IFN

IFN has collaborated with USAgain, a textile recycling company that collects clothing and shoes; diverting them from landfills; protecting the environment; and helping our community to Go Green! We have installed a Bin in the IFN parking lot to drop your surplus clothing & shoes.

What Goes in the Bin are as follows:

Men, women & kid’s: Footwear, All Clothing Items, Accessories: Gloves, Hats, Belts, Bags, Purses etc. Household Linens: Sheets, Blankets, Drapes, Towel etc.

What is Not Allowed : A Big NO : Toys, Books, Appliances, Furniture, Plastic and Glass

Every time the bin is full, USAgain plants 1 tree. Over 1 Million trees planted since 2013.

Please Note the following:

1) Drop off your items during a non-busy day-time at the masjid to avoid traffic congestion.

2) The Bin will be serviced weekly to prevent overflow therefore Do NOT leave any items outside the bin.

3) This is not a clothing drive, the items do not necessarily go to Islamic Organisations or Muslim Countries.

4)The Items are sorted in a distribution centers and are given to the needy. Here is the link to their website : usagain.com

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IFN Board of Trustees (BOT) 3rd Quarter 2019 Update

Below is a recap of the BOT activities for the third quarter for the year 2019, which ended September 30. The documents have been uploaded on website at the following address:


Health Committee Monthly Report Written By Sr. Nancy Romanchek

Health Committee Monthly Report for Board of Trustees

November 14, 2019

The IFN Health Clinic

New Volunteers are being trained in AED/CPR First Aid.

The clinic is reorganizing and making important decisions about the Electronic Medical Record and the Grant Deliverable capabilities among other processes.

We need a Clinic Board now for shared Decision Making.

We need access to legal counseling as we move forward.

We need to meet with the Treasurer for the grant funding process.

The Community Health Assessment

Has been completed and was presented at the Health Ministries Association Conference in Erlanger, KY as planned.

Findings Dissemination begins in January.

New Professional Health Committee will resume in January for Action plans.

Findings and plans will be presented to the BOT and the Strategic Planning committee Leads privately first for collaborative processes.

Then presented to the IFN community with Action Plans and feedback.

The GRIT Group Support Group of FAC

As we complete our 4th month, a Process Survey is being sent out to the community in the form of a SurveyMonkey for community feedback. This is the usual evaluation timetable.

South Asian Healthy Lifestyle Initiative (SAHELI), Northwestern University study

Fatimah Saifi and Zohrab Mirza from Northwestern University attended Juma on Oct 25th and began recruiting IFN members for participation in this important project for South Asians. South Asians are at an especially high risk for Cardiovascular disease. They did recruit 6 IFN members for participation.

SAHELI also presented at the Thursday morning women’s Haliqa on Nov 7th and recruited 5 more participants.

I am reserving a Sunday in December for SAHELI to present to the IFN Community with a BP screening to raise awareness, and continue to recruit.

If enough IFN members are recruited, SAHELI can hold the sessions at IFN which would be more convenient for participants.

AED/CPR Classes:

Teachers and IFN Health Clinic Volunteers are now being trained in CPR/AID and First Aid.

Another class will open in December InshAllah. Space is an issue. We are currently holding classes at Wardh Arif’s home.

3 rescue blankets have been purchased for victims of shock as well as for screening a female victim’s modesty in the event of an emergency at IFN.

Plan to meet with Facilities person to plan how to keep them with the AED Unit ie shelf or blanket rack.

Nancy Romanchek, BSN, RN, CHPN

IFN Health Committee Chair

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IFN Women's Advocacy Committee Update Written By IFN President, Br. Jaseem Anwer

Dear Community Members,

As-salaam Alaikum

The IFN community is blessed to have dedicated and experienced members who have played vital roles to ensure efficient operations of the Masjid.Please join me in welcoming Sr. Sadia Thiryayi who has kindly accepted to lead Women’s Advocacy Committee. I am confident that Sr. Sadia being a passionate community member with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals will successfully lead this committee Insha’Allah.The Women's Advocacy Committee is responsible for advocating for the women members at IFN.


STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Gulzar Begum, Ayesha Khaleel, Afreen Shaikh,Seema Anwer, Shama Arjumund, Samina Anwar, Deena Waheed and Aasimah Tanveer

I am sincerely thankful to outgoing chair Sr. Loubna Kiliouine for her dedication and tireless efforts in ensuring the smooth functioning of Women’s Advocacy Committee.

Bio of Sr. Sadia Thiryayi

Sr. Sadia and her family have been a part of the IFN community from the past 15 years and lives in Green Oaks with her husband Dr. Saquib Ahmed and their 3 children Mariam, Ibraheem, Zayd and her mother Gulzar, MashaAllah.

She has also been involved and instrumental in the following IFN programs and activities:

Lead Coordinator of the IFN MUHSEN (Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs) Program which provides services for special needs children/individuals.

Member of the Education committee where she is contributing to IFN Sunday School related programs and activities.

Leading and writing the IFN newsletter (IFN Community Chronicle) keeping IFN community well informed about events happening around the masjid and to update them on all IFN related programs, events and activities.

Sunday School teacher for the 2nd, 5th and 7th graders in the previous years and worked as a Substitute Teacher at Oak Grove School in Green Oaks.

She has an Undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and a Graduate Degree in Biology and was a Research Assistant at the Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne University, Indiana.

2019 IFN Election: BOT Q/A Session

The IFN Election Committee received a total of 11 valid nominations for BOT this year. This year’s election process was to fill five positions on the Board of Trustees. The BOT Q/A session was scheduled on November 17th, at 10am in the IFN Banquet Hall.

2019 IFN Election: EC Q/A Session

The IFN Election Committee received a total of 7 valid nominations for the Executive Committee this year. This year’s election process was to fill five positions on the Executive committee. The EC Q/A session was scheduled on November 24th at 10am in the IFN Banquet Hall.

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IFN Zakat Committee Update Written By IFN President, Br.Jaseem Anwer

Dear Community Member

As-salaam Alaikum,

Alhamdollilah, IFN is blessed with dedicated volunteers and has a long history of active participation in various activities under the guidance of different committees per our By-Laws.

Please join me in welcoming Sr. Loubna Kiliouine who has kindly accepted to lead Zakaat Committee. IFN Zakaat Committee is one of most active committee making bigger impact and serving to needy people of the IFN and its vicinity. I am confident that under her leadership this committee will be successful and pray that Allah SWT guides her to make the right decisions

In Shaa Allah .I am sincerely thankful to the outgoing chair Br. Parvez Patel who moved out to Boston area for his dedication and exemplary efforts in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Zakat Committee.

Bio of Loubna Kiliouine

Sr. Loubna Kiliouine and her family have been part of this community for many years and lives in Regency Woods with her husband Imad Belabbes and two daughters (Sarah 16 and Ranya 13). She currently works at CVS Health as Project Manager; she has Bachelor’s degree in MIS (Management Information System) and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. She is a hard working, dependent and open-minded person but most of all, she has lots of love and respect for our IFN community and wants to see it grow, prosper and move to a higher level. She has volunteered at Sunday school for the last 3 years and taught Quran and Arabic studies. She led the Women’s Advocacy committee for the last 4 years including a team of volunteers who worked very hard to establish programs towards enhancing people’s experience during the Taraweeh prayers. She was part of the Membership committee for some time and also joined the fundraising committee and helped organize several fundraising dinners.

IFN Finance Report Townhall Meeting

On Sunday December 8th, 2019 IFN hosted a Town hall meeting to our community to present the latest detailed Finance Report. The Finance Report Town hall meeting started at 11:00 AM and was as follows:

  • 2019 Finance Update - Br. Sabah Khan
  • Endowment Fund Update - Br. Abdullah Bushnaq

IFN General Body Meeting

The BOT hosted its annual General Body Meeting on Sunday December 15, 2019 at 11:00 AM in the Banquet Hall. Attached below is the agenda for the general body meeting.


Campus Expansion Update:


Attached below you will find last year's meeting minutes, and last year's Q&A documents

Islamic Foundation North - General Body Meetings

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Drug Prevention Health Fair at IFN

A Drug Prevention Health Fair was hosted at IFN on the evening of Friday December 6th at the IFN Banquet Hall. The speaker of the event was Br. Abdul Aziz Syed. Br. Abdul Aziz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Therapist. He holds a Masters degree in Social Work School-Social Work concentration from Governors State University. Currently, he serves as a Therapist at Khalil Center and a School Counselor at MCC Academy. Booths, activities, resources, and snacks were provided throughout the event.

IFN Smoke and Vape Free Policy: IFN prohibits use of Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking and Vaping on all IFN premises. This policy is applicable to everyone Adults, New Adults and Youths, and will be strictly enforced.


2019 IFN Election: Results

Elections were held on Sunday Dec 8th, 2019. Thank you to all those that participated.

We also want to thank our community for their participation in the recent elections. This is a great sign of conscientiousness and responsibility regarding our IFN community. It is only with full participation and representation that our Community continues to grow and flourish.

May Allah (SWT) bless our masjid, keep our community united, and give the new Board and EC the ability to serve the community to the best of their abilities. Allahumma Ameen.

Elected BOT Members:

Dr.Saquib Ahmed, Br.Irshad Khan, Dr.Farzan Mahmood, Br.Naveed Ismail and Sr. Ambareen Sheriff.

Elected EC Members:

Br.Jaseem Anwer, Br. Waseem Khan, Br.Aamir Ahmed, Br.AbdulHai Khaleel and Sr. Mona Ahmad.

A big shout out to the Election Committee Br.Abdullah Qadri, Br.Mustafa and Sr. Shamim Choudhury for conducting a fair and smooth election.

Islam's civilizational approach to Holidays

A discussion on the principles of celebration in Islam was given by visiting scholar Mufti Ehzaz of Darul Qasim IFN on December 13th from 7pm-8pm. This program was open to all.

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IFN MUHSEN Caregiver Support Group

On December 15th, Ifn Muhsen hosted a caregiver support group facilitated by Sr. Kareema Abdallah, Social Worker. This Support group was ONLY for caregivers and family members of individuals with #SpecialNeeds#Support #Community. A successful turnout MashaAllah !

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IFN Health Clinic Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Written By Sr.Nancy Romanchek

On Sunday Dec 15th the High School Volunteers and Scribes were joined by IFN president Jaseem Anwer and IFN Health Clinic Medical Director Dr. Kagzi for the second annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. The young women were treated to a catered lunch and flowers in appreciation for their commitment to the Mission of the IFN Health Clinic, which is to “improve access to quality healthcare for low-income individuals who are uninsured or underinsured.”

The IFN Health Clinic shares the Vision of all of the Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (IAFCC) which is “To work toward a culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare environment that provides free or affordable high quality health services that promote the elimination of health disparities among uninsured and underinsured populations.”

Along with this vision, the IAFCC also plays an important role in preparing the next generation of healthcare practitioners. To this end, all IFN Health Clinic volunteers are requested to become certified in AHA AED/CPR and First Aid training. Over the next few months, the new volunteers will become adept at registering patients in the Electronic Medical Record(EMR), obtaining patient consents and taking vital signs with electronic devices. They will also practice checking blood glucose levels with a glucometer by finger stick, and will learn more about patient confidentiality & ethics, and practice good infection control measures on an ongoing basis.

No additional High School Volunteers are being accepted into the program at this time. In the coming years, Volunteers will only be onboarded during the summer months with the expectation of being clinic ready by the start of the school year calendar.

We would like to say Thank you! Again to these committed volunteers.

Without their dedication, the clinic would not be possible:

Clinic Manager: Dr. Mubashira Aziz

Chief Scribe: Aasimah Tanveer

2019-2020 High School Volunteers:

Mariam Ahmed

Alina Hussain

Zaina Hussain

Nishath Hussaini

Maryah Karim

Mahin Khan

2019-2020 Scribes:

Sarwat Ahmad

Zoya Hasan

Sameeha Iqbal


Namra Shafi

5 AM Challenge By Imam Azfar

To help people come to the masjid for the Fajr prayer, we started a new initiative.

Check out the video and the attached flyer.


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Imam Azfar @Warren High School

Imam Azfar went to Warren High school to speak with over 40 students of various backgrounds about the contributions that Native Americans made to America.
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Imam Azfar with IFN Youth

IFN youth travelled to Glen Ellyn to play against Imam Azfar’s football team. Although the IFN youth lost 35-14, it was an enjoyable bonding experience.
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Unity in Diversity

Imam joined a Pastor, a Rabbi and a Senior Pastor on a panel to discuss how to tackle domestic violence in places of worship.
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IFN Young Muslims(YM) at ICNA

Young Muslims is an organization that addresses the important roles that Muslim youth should play in North America. Their are different programs for all age groups. YM addresses real-life problems and gives the support that is needed to live their lives as dedicated Muslim youth. Young Muslims not only bring the youth closer to Allah SWT but also creates a sense of brotherhood in their lives.

Many youth from IFN YM attended the ICNA Chicago Annual Banquet on December 7th, 2019 which was held at Shalimar banquets. The topic was Revival: Building a community and the speakers were Imam Yusuf Rios and Shaykh Tariq Musleh

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Youth Basketball Camp For Girls & Boys

Basketball camp is being held at Oak Grove School on Sundays after Sunday School. It has been very sucessful with a big turnout MashaAllah.

Contact Br. Azmat Mohammed

azmat.mohammed@gmail.com or (312)404-7003

IFN Official News WhatsApp Group 2

There is still space for members of IFN to join the IFN Official News WhatsApp Group 2. This WhatsApp group is an additional mode of communication to quickly update the members, and will strictly contain IFN Programs, Events and Activities. You can also email your phone number to sadiathiryayi@gmail.com to be added to the group.

Please click on the link from your phones to join the group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HcHkRxNYN2lCOn9RBtadjW

Thank You Executive Committee !!!

Thank you to all the EC members Br. Jaseem Anwer, Br. Rafiq Rakhangi, Br. Masood Ali Khan, Br. Sabah Khan and Br.Yousuf Mohammed for running the masjid operations smoothly for the year 2018 and 2019 and for their tireless efforts and dedication.

All of the services that the EC has accomplished is one of the toughest volunteer roles of all, and all of you have performed with dedication and tenacity. Thank you all for your dedication and the great job you have accomplished in your term as Executive Committee.

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Upcoming Events-Please Mark Your Calendars !!!

Islamic Home Financing Presentation

There will be a presentation on Home Buying & Islamic financing January 12th from 12pm-1pm by Br. Maaz Shahid of UIF.


Where: IFN Basement Banquet Hall

Time: Noon to 1 PM

Health Assessment Presentation

Health Assessment Presentation by Sr Nancy Romanchek on January 19th in the banquet hall from 12pm- 1pm.

Cardiovascular Health Presentation

SAHELI Cardiovascular Health Presentation to the community on January 26th from 1-3pm in the banquet hall. Screenings will also be done in the banquet hall lobby.

Impact of Drugs Talk

Impact of drugs talk by Sr. Karima Abdallah and Dr. Shazia Tayyab on January 24th for Youth in the evening and January 26th for adults at noon.

Editor's Note

The IFN Community Chronicle for the month of November and December 2019 was compiled by Sadia Thiryayi. If you would like to share any community achievements or celebrations, please email Sadia Thiryayi at sadiathiryayi@gmail.com