Barton Hills Bulletin

February 15 - 19

From Kati

The Discovery Dome was so cool this week. Huge kudos to Tara and Cyndi for coordinating and running it. Even more kudos to Courtney for making a last minute change to her plans and letting us take over the gym for the week! If you didn't know, the Dome did not fit in the library as we had originally planned. When I sheepishly entered the gym to ask Courtney about using it, she didn't miss a beat and said "yes." Thank you.

Check out the kinder hallway to see how our creative kinders turned a 100 into an object and wrote about it.

Have a wonderful week :).

Additional Information/Updates/ Reminders

  • You are going to get an email from Sarah Tso asking you to fill out another google form. This one is specifically a Technology use survey. I have to assign teachers to 3 different cohorts, depending on how willing they are to use technology in transformative ways and to share their experiences with others at Barton Hills. The assignments to the different cohorts will be based on willingness to make changes as much as they will be on instructional technology know-how. My deadline is Thursday (honestly, I wasn't going to do it, but it's required).

This Week's Events

VanNort- Morning Duty

Monday -Day

  • Parent Teacher Conference Day - no school for students
  • 8:45 - 12:30 Kati to meetings

Tuesday - C Day

  • 7:45 Morning Assembly
  • ARD/504/eCST Day

Wednesday - A Day

  • 8:00 - 2:00 Kati to Admn. Meeting
  • 10:00 - 1:00 6th Grade to Shady Grove

Thursday -B Day

  • 9:00 - 2:00ish 5th Grade to LBJ Library
  • 11:30 4th Grade to Zach Scott Theater
  • No Meetings

Friday - C Day

  • 8:00 Prospective Parent meeting
  • 1:00 Fresh Friday #3

  • AISD Technology Summit

Upcoming Events

February 22

9:30 Fire Drill

February 23

9:00 5th grade to UT Telescope

February 25

3:00 Vertical Teams

3:00 Calibration Assessment for teachers who have to do TELPAS (if you were contacted by Stacy)

6:30 PTA/2nd/3rd Choir Show

February 26

Stacy's Birthday

Teacher Luncheon

8:00 Parent Coffee

9:15 First Grade to Innerspace Caverns

March 1

Primary Election Day - BHE is a voting precinct

March 2

Character Day

March 3

Faculty Meeting - Welcoming Schools Module 6

March 5

5th Grade Volleyball Playday

March 8

Becky's Birthday

March 10

Fun With Chemistry presentation (8:30 K-2; 9:20 3-6)

3:00 CAC

March 13

Gayla's Birthday

March 14 - 18

Spring Break

March 16

Mary's Birthday

March 21

TELPAS Testing (ELL students only)

March 24

Spring Vision and Hearing

8:00 Prospective Parent Tour morning

3:00 Faculty Meeting

March 29

STAAR Writing - 4th Grade

STAAR Math - 5th Grade

March 30

Rosalinda's Birthday

Avery's Birthday

STAAR Reading - 5th Grade

March 31

3:00 Cadres

April 1

Teacher Luncheon