Howdy Yall to the Southern Colonies

Where You Should Be living!


The many jobs that you can start here in the Southern colonies are:

  • raise cattle
  • grow grain
  • mine for indigo and iron
  • cut lumber
  • grow tobacco
  • make/grow rum
How to make money off of it:

  • sell it to other colonies/neighborhood
  • export them to England

Political System

Here in the Southern Colonies, the governor directs the colony's affairs & enforces the laws-and we also have a legislature, which is a group of people who have the power to make laws.


Here in the Southern Colonies, we have a bay called Maryland's Chesapeake Bay filled with many aquatic creatures, for example:

  • fish
  • oysters
  • crabs
Across the bay, Virginians are starting to grow tobacco for profit. If you feel like living in a dry region, St. Maryland would be a nice place. Unless of corse you want to live in a swampy low land by the coast. There's also a nice choice of living in warm weather, by the Appalachian mountains, and right beside that, a whole stack of forests as far as the eye can see-which would be a good place to build on.