The Assassination of JFK

By Parker Visage

Texas would be the last state that John F. Kennedy visits in his life. In 1963 President Kennedy thought he needed to reassure his re-election. He had barely won Texas in the previous election. He had decided to visit Texas to try getting more votes from the state. He arrived in Dallas November 22, 1963. But this would be the last visit from President Kennedy in any state. On that day disaster struck, John F. Kennedy was shot and the U.S. went into shock.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. He served as a skipper of a U.S. Navy boat in WWII.
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The Motorcade Arrives

November 22, 1963 President Kennedy arrives in Dallas Texas. Abraham Zapruder decided that they would ride in a motorcade. Mr. Kennedy wanted to ride in an open-top limo. Once everyone that was in the motorcade was ready the set off. In Mr. Kennedy's limo was himself, Mrs. Kennedy, John Connaly, Nellie Connaly, and Roy Kellerman. The motorcade finally arrives and turns onto Elm Street.
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The Shooting

The motorcade turns onto Elm Street at 2:30. As the drive down the road Mr. Kennedy waves at all the fans and supporters. Then everyone goes into shock. A shot rings out. Mr. Kennedy grabs his neck and slumps forward. The motorcade stops to find the problem. Then 2 more shots ring out. The President instantly shoots forward into Mrs. Kennedy's lap. Jacqueline leaps onto the back of the car. "HIS HEAD HAS BEEN SHOT OFF!!" she yells as Clint J. Hill leaps onto the back of the car to sheild the Kennedy's. The limo speeds off to Parkland Hospital.

The Shooter

Lee Harvey Oswald was interrogated for 12 hours straight after the shooting. He was then arrested for assassinating President Kennedy. At 12:20 two days after the shooting Oswald was being transported out of a police office basement when he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. Jack Ruby was an angry nightclub owner. He was angry about the assassination. That was his motive to kill Oswald. Ruby was sentenced to death but that was changed to just prison.
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