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While she was in Las Vegas, Stephanie London worked and was a manager at Las Vegas Exotic Cars. Not only did Stephanie London to drive many different kinds of cars while at this job, but she also got to deliver them to movies, photo shoots, and even the Travel Channel. This gave Stephanie London plenty of experience with working with other people in show business. Stephanie London loved this job.

Stephanie London

Stephanie London is an extremely hard-working person who always puts all her energy into her work. Stephanie London has already become an internationally recognized model by the age of 21. Next, Stephanie London is looking forward to getting her real estate license so she can help people find the homes of their dreams. Stephanie London is also looking forward to starting the London Foundation so she can do her part eradicating child poverty in Africa.
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Stephanie London: Dedicated to Education

Models, on the whole, do not have a reputation for being extremely dedicated to education. However, models like Stephanie London are keen examples that those stereotypes are not fair. Stephanie London is an internationally recognized model that has appeared in magazines such as Maxim, Playboy, and Southern Vixen Magazine. Despite the amount of time that she has spent in front of a camera, Stephanie London has never forgotten the importance of education – particularly when it comes to the developing world.

Stephanie London knows that poverty is a severe problem, particularly on the continent of Africa. One of the biggest problems Africa faces is a lack of appropriate school materials and qualified teachers. Lack of education is a major factor in the continuing cycle of poverty. For this reason, Stephanie London is looking forward to starting the London Foundation.

The London Foundation is dedicated to helping eradicate poverty in Africa through supporting its schools. Stephanie London has been all around the world and understands that life is different in many places, but she also knows that dedication to education is paramount no matter where you are.

As a hard-working and big-hearted person, Stephanie London cannot stand to see anybody suffer. This is why she is invested in helping Africa's schools. She knows education is extremely useful as a tool to help people get themselves out of poverty. Stephanie London believes that with the creation of the London Foundation, she will be able to help hundreds of children get on with their education and move up in their lives.
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Stephanie London: Advice for Maui

One of the places Stephanie London calls home is Maui. At 727 square miles, Maui is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands. Stephanie London finds it an extremely rewarding place to live. She especially believes the state of Hawaii itself to be extremely beautiful and full of fascinating people and events. If you happen to be visiting Hawaii at any point the future, Stephanie London recommends any of the following activities.

Snorkeling. Snorkeling is one of the most popular water sports on Maui. There are more than thirty beaches and bays to snorkel at around the island.

Windsurfing. Maui is also well known for its abundant windsurfing. Kanaha Beach Park is a very popular windsurfing spot, and if there are enough waves and isn’t any wind, may have stand-up paddle boarders or surfers. Windsurfing has evolved on Maui since the early 1980s when it was first recognized as an ideal location to test equipment and publicize the sport.

Surfing. Of course, no summary of Hawaiian sports attractions would be complete without surfing. Surfing remains one of the most popular sports in all Hawaii. Ho’okipa is one of Maui’s most famous surfing and windsurfing spots. Other famous or frequently surfed areas include the forbiddingly-named Slaughterhouse Beach, Honolua Bay, and Fleming Beach.

Stephanie London believes that Hawaii is a fantastic state that has a lot to offer. Whether you are hoping to enjoy the great outdoors, or if you are a shoe made for the city, there is something for you in Hawaii.