Hate List

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About the novel...

It seemed as if it was a normal day at Garvin High School until a loud echoing sound pierced throughout the school. Suddenly everyone was screaming and then more gun shots were fired. The person behind the gun was Nick Levil, Valerie Leftman boyfriend. Valerie never expected that the list her and Nick made would have lead to this. The hate list was just a way to express there hate for the people mean to them but it was never suppose to be a list of students to kill. Nick then continued to shot Valerie in the leg and then himself. Valerie then had to deal with police questioning her as she was trying to recover. She was later found not guilty and was welcomed back to Garvin High to finish her Senior year. She had lost all her old friends and felt all alone. Valerie has to jump through hoops just to gain trust back from her parents.

Valerie Leftman is the protagonist

The antagonist in the story is Nick Levil. Hate list is told in Valerie Leftman point of few. After the shooting she is told to see a therapist named Dr. hieler.


Pyramus and Thisbe is a myth about two teen lovers who parents don't want them together. They would sneak around to see each other and to talk. One day they made a plan to run away together, the day they were suppose to run away Pyramus was late to meet Thisbe. Thisbe thought he wasn't going to come but she continued to wait for him. when Pyramus got there he thought she was dead so he killed himself to be with her because he would do anything for her. When Thisbe got back she saw what he had done for her and wished he hadn't because that's not what she wanted. This relates to Hate list because Nick kills people for Valerie because that is what he thinks she wants. Nick thought thats what she wanted but really all she wanted was to be with him and ignore everyone else not kill them. Both boy friends in the stories would do anything for their love.

My review of the Novel..

I enjoyed reading this book. I wouldn't recommend this book to boys. If you like to read drama you would enjoy this book. I would rate this book at 4.5 out of 5.
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