Jackson's Weekly Staff Newsletter



5/13 CYCLE DAY 3

First Grade Track and Field

5th Grade Band Concert 6:30

PTO Meeting (Board Only) 6:30

5/14 CYCLE DAY 4

Staff Meeting (Gifford Cluster) 7:30

5th Grader to Tour West MS 9:30-10:30 - East kids will be on Thursday time TBD)

Second Grade Track and Field

5/15 CYCLE DAY 5

Third Grade Track and Field

Patrol Kids to the Twins Game/10:15 leave and return after school is out

1st Grade Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 9:30-10:10

2nd Grade Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 10:30-11:10

Kindergarten Engineering Assembly (Pike Cluster) 12:15-12:55

5/16 CYCLE DAY 6

Fourth Grade Track and Field

East MS 5th Graders to tour East MS/Time TBD

Retiree and Staff Recognition at Canterbury Park

5/17 CYCLE DAY 7

I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Fifth Grade Track and Field

Last day to check out books



BLT 7:30


Field Trip for 4th Grade to Faribault Energy Park 8:50-1:50


Field Trip for Kindergarten to MN Landscape Arboretum 8:55-12:45


I-Team Meeting, 7:30

Henke and Fischer to Tahpah Park 11-1:10

All books are due to the Learning Commons


NO SCHOOL/Memorial Day


Prof. Dev. (Gifford Cluster) 7:30


Field Trip for 3rd Grade to the Science Museum 8:45-2:35


I-Team Meeting 7:30

Field Trip for First Grade to the MN Zoo 8:30-2:30

Field Trip for 2nd Grade to the MN Landscape Arboretum 9:30-2:15

Last Day of School for Seniors


Yearbook Signing 2:15-2:45


School Picnic

Talent Show 1:30

Seniors to walk through Jackson after rehearsal (11:30 ish)


Last Day of School for Students

Staff Picnic at Jackson Town Hall . 3:30


Teacher Work Day




Report Cards Mailed Home


A HUGE congratulations to our very own Megan Henke for being awarded Teacher Tuesday for the month of May! Here is a link to the video:


Congratulations, Megan!


*Thank you to Stacy Brock for getting the TIF form in so promptly!

*A huge thank you to Angela and Ben for loaning us your iPads so we could do our testing!*

*Thank you, Andrea Richards! You do such a nice job as our school nurse, and you always have a smile for everyone!

**Thank you, Becca and Kristine, for helping with my class at the end of the day!

*Thank you, Steph, for planning and coaching with me!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for having your kids help my class with FAST testing!

**Thank you, Becca and Kristine, for helping with my class at the end of the day!

*Thank you, Steph, for planning and coaching with me!

*Thank you, Charlotte, for having your kids help my class with FAST testing!

*Sari-thank you for helping get my little guy into his classroom, again!

*Dan-Literacy and Beyond night was great! Thank you for doing such a nice job putting that together!!

*Kristen-Thank you for putting together the Science Museum presentations! The third graders loved it!!

*HUGE thank you to the wonderful ESL team who covered in my classroom on Wednesday!

*Thank you Kirk for not only helping your friend in my kindergarten classroom, but for helping with all my students! It is greatly appreciated!

*Thank you Jen for not only helping with your friend in my kindergarten room but also with another student who really enjoys your attention ☺

*Thank you, Jody and Becca for making a girl feel extra special on her birthday!

*Thank you, Marty for doing a great job!

*Thanks to all those on the special ed. Eval. team. You are all so thorough and patient when answering questions! Thank you!
*Thank you DeAnn for rocking a parent meeting regarding a 504 vs. an IEP. Your knowledge and sensitivity in how you explain things is very appreciated!

*Thank you, Kaitlin for all your hard work and always being willing to help your peers! Even stretched thin you make time for those that need you! You are awesome!

*Thank you for the kind words, Sarah! I love your positive comments and uplifting attitude!

*Thank you to Martie Anglin for helping my class get all set up for the FAST testing and for letting our class use your iPads ~Mrs. Keller

*Thanks to everyone who thought of the first grade team while we were at a training and saved us some treats from Teacher Appreciation Week!

*Big thank you to Pete for handling an incident with my student while I was absent! So nice to come back and have it already taken care of.

DLC Quick Tip

What is MackinVIA?

Online library that houses eBooks (fiction and nonfiction), databases for research, and digital audiobooks that can be accessed from any location that has WIFI connections.

Who can access MackinVIA?

Currently students in grades 3-5 know their login information for MackinVIA and the entire staff can use their normal username and password to gain access.

What resources are available?

  • Fiction books
  • Nonfiction books (with unlimited copies)
  • Databases for research and non-fiction articles (Britannica School Edition, Explora, Kid InfoBits)
  • Source citation within MackinVIA for most books and articles

If you would like more information on these resources, please reach out to either your DLC or your media specialist. Both are able and willing to help.

Need help logging in to MackinVIA? Watch this video to see the sign in process and how to use Britannica School Edition.

Did you know that you can find Scholastic New magazine articles for free using the Explora Kids and Explora Teacher databases? Watch this video to learn how.


  • 5/10 Jessica Hentges
  • 5/12 Jodi Koci
  • 5/19 Ben Foss
  • 5/25 Alex Fischer
  • 5/29 Rhonda Yeiter
  • 5/31 Kelly Voigt
  • 6/4 Carrie Beckler
  • 6/6 Jaron Aune
  • 6/13 Chris Walberg
  • 6/16 Jenny Larsen
  • 6/19 Julia Perez
  • 6/22 Kirk Rosholt
  • 6/26 Martie Anglin
  • 6/30 Jen Bieniek
  • 7/12 Ann Van Brocklin
  • 7/14 Julie Lund
  • 7/19 DeAnn Gendlin
  • 7/23 Anne Braun
  • 7/23 Bristol Evasco
  • 7/29 Wendy Bauer
  • 7/30 Evelin Hernandez Morales
  • 8/6 Erica Casey
  • 8/8 Steph Blad
  • 8/10 Becky Fisher
  • 8/11 Kristi Schleper
  • 8/17 Abbie Perron
  • 8/17 Aimee Riley
  • 8/21 Becky Bernard
  • 8/22 Rebecca Fobes
  • 8/23 Steph St. Peter