Gifted and Talented Newsletter

March 2015

GT Parents,
It was great to see everyone at Open House on Thursday night. All of the students were excited to show off their projects. They really worked hard to get ready for Open House. If you did not have the opportunity to see your child's project feel free to email and we can work out a time for you to come see it.

Thanks for all your support.

Important Information

I am beginning testing for the CogAT this week for the current referrals, this could take up to three weeks. This will not interfere with GT pull-out. However, I will not pull my math students for the next 3 weeks. Students will still continue to get math homework and if they have questions they can ask during their GT class.

I will be giving the STAAR 4th Grade Writing on Monday, March 30th and Tuesday, March 31st. I will not be pulling GT groups on both days. However, I will try to pull them later in the week if time allows.

In April I will also assist 3rd grade during STAAR Testing. I will try to pull them on a different day and time, if time allows.

Look what's going on in GT !

Our New GT Projects

1st Grade- Students will begin exploring " Genius Hour ". Students will be empowered to explore their own passions. This will be a time that students will be allowed to develop their own inquiry question about a passion they want to learn more about. Students will share their product or presentation to the class.

2nd Grade- Designing A Playground

Students will begin to design a geometric playground and write a letter to persuade a construction company to build their playground. Students will use Google Sketchup to design their playground after developing a blueprint.

3rd Grade- Building A Business -Games and Toys

Students will explore logical thinking, creative problem solving, and discover attributes to make them successful. Each group or student will develop a business plan for a toy or a game company and build a campaign. Students will investigate the process of inventing new toys and games. Students will begin this project by brainstorming leading toy companies. Some questions that will guide them as they begin their own business are:

Who is the consumer? What will the toy be made of? How much profit will you make? How will you know if the toy is successful?

4th Grade- Planning a Multi-City Trip Visiting Historic Sites

Students will plan a multi-city trip across the United States. Each group will be responsible for staying within their budget, visit historic sites, map out their trip and keep track of their mileage. Students will present their project by Power Point, Prezi, I-pad, or poster board presentation.

Camp Invention Information (Link to sign up) ( videos about Camp Invention)