A mature, affordable solution to slow internet.

What is Wimax?

WiMAX stands for: Worldwude Interoperability for microwave access.

WiMAX is a fast, mature, affordable solution to slow internet broadband. It's a 4g mobile broadband system which will be effective everywhere.

Where will it be used?

WiMAX will be used in rural and emerging markets. It will be used in areas where broadband is not strong and the signal connections are weak.

This means WiMAX will be more popular because it will overpower the weaker connections as it uses microwaves to power it.

WiMAX is also the premier technology option for wide-area wireless connectivity in industrial markets. Recognizing this demand, the WiMAX Forum is focused on developing specifications for Smart Grid, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities and more.

What's so good about WiMAX?

WiMAX is so great because it's a fast, 4g connection. It's also affordable for anyone! WiMAX can also be used anywhere.