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December 7-13

Learning Opportunities outside of AISD

LRE Conference 2016

January 29-30, 2016
Austin, Texas

Commons Learning Center

The 2016 Law-Related Education Conference will be held January 29-30, 2016, at the Commons Learning Center (UT) located in North Austin at the Jake Pickle Research Center. This year’s theme is being developed in celebration of the 225th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

Conference Speakers include:

  • Richard Pena, Past President of the State Bar of Texas, Vietnam veteran, and co-author of Last Plane Out of Saigon
  • Mary Beth Tinker, Civic Education Advocate and litigant inTinker vs. Des Moines Independent Community School District 1969.

Breakout sessions will target elementary, middle and high school social studies TEKS.

The conference is open to educators, supervisors, and regional service center personnel. The registration fee is $150 and includes breakfast and lunch, parking, and two days of classroom-ready material!

To register click here!

Austin ISD Social Studies will pay for the substitutes for any teacher who attends this event! Just let us know by emailing us a copy of your registration confirmation, and we will send you a sub form to fill out.

Recommended Online Resources

Free Speech or "Safe" Speech? e-lesson

In recent weeks, college campuses around the country have experienced major student protests. These students claim that colleges promote hostile environments that harm minority students and hinder their ability to learn. To solve these problems, students have demanded that college administrators and faculty create “safe-spaces” in which offensive or disagreeable speech is prohibited and punished. These demands have sparked debate about the nature of free speech, individual rights, and higher education.

In this eLesson, learn more about the protests at Yale University and the University of Missouri, and explore both sides of the free speech debate. You can also learn more about past Supreme Court cases that have ruled on the right to free speech.

Melanie Kirchhof

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