Trotsky has got a Duplicate

Only A Character?

Snowball lead the farm in the "Battle of Cowshed." He rebeled against Napolean, the leader of Animal Farm. As a result, Napolean trained 9 ferocious dogs to chase Snowball of the farm.

Leon Trotsky

Trotsky was a founding leader of the Red Army. He helped defeat forces opposed to bolshevik. He was in the running to take over Lenin's place after his death, but Joseph Stalin took control, exiled and later assasinated Trotsky.


Snowball and Trotsky both lead revolutions and wanted to make life better for all animals/ people. Both were exiled, Snowball by Napoleon's 9 dogs and Trotsky by Joseph Stalin.

A Connection

This story gives us a better understanding of real life because it explains to us the revolution in a way that we can understand through farm animals and fueds.

By: Emily And Lisbet