Are You Looking for Love?

If so this is the man for you!

Tim the Ostler (horse babysitter)

Tim, is a nice caring man, who loves animals, especially horses. With his white peaked face, his hair the color of hay, and his bright colorful eyes, he's the man you'll want to be with. Tim has many amazing qualities such as how he incredibly respectful and caring. he won't go behind your back or love someone else he know he wont be with. This is the man you'll want to be with you for the rest of your life.
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Tim's Favorite Things to Do

Tim loves to be around horses. He even owns his own ranch with multiple horses. On the ranch Tim spends most of his time in his beautiful cabin in the valley usually reading or cooking food for some of his neighbors. Tim cares very much about his cabin, and his horses. Tim is the best fish in the sea for any women that is looking for love.