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The percent of the population that has HIVS/AIDS in a country

The south has the highest percentage
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How HIVS/AIDS affect Africa

~In the southern part of Africa there are very high amount of HIVS/AIDS, each country in southern Africa has more than 15% of their population that has HIV/AIDS!

~Since Africa has such a problem with HIVS/AIDS they have to spend a lot of the money they get on HIVS/AIDs so they can care for the people that already have it and help prevent others from getting HIVS/AIDS.

~Because so many people get HIVS/AIDS in Africa children under the age of 15 are half as likely as adults to recieve a life saving treatment that they need.

How much money the U.S funds on HIVS/AIDS

The funding amount increases every year.
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How much money Africa spends on HIVS/AIDS

~The U.S.A funds Africa a lot of the money so Africa can help prevent HIVS/AIDS and so they can treat the people that already have HIVS/AIDS

~Many other countries besides the U.S also donate a lot of money to Africa because they know how bad the HIVS/AIDS problem is.

~The U.S spends twice as much money on HIVS/AIDS than any other disease to help the problem that's in Africa.

The ways they are trying to cure HIVS/AIDS

~There is some drugs out there that can help stop HIVS/AIDS but it is over a long period of time .

~They are trying to find a way to not get vid of the virus but teach the immune system to prevent it from getting any worse.