Quick Technology Sessions for Teachers

It's baaaack!

3 technology/app sessions offered each planning period

By teacher request:

  • Haiku Deck
  • GoogleDrive
  • Evernote

"Appy" Hour

When: Friday, November 15, 2013

Where: Florence High School Library/Media Center

  • Three sessions offered each planning period
  • Begins 10 minutes after the bell
  • Ends 10 minutes before the bell

Haiku Deck

facilitated by Jill Edwards (HMS Instructional Technology Coach) & Jennifer Butler (FHS Instructional Technology Coach)

  • Beautifully simple presentation app/software
  • Presentation templates focused on the message
  • Millions of images to use in presentations
  • Share presentations easily/embed in Edmodo

Google Drive

facilitated by Krissy Malone (FMS Instructional Technology Coach)

  • Access to files from multiple devices
  • Create and share files
  • Collaborate in real time on shared docs
  • And much more!


facilitated by Jenny Ozbirn (FFC Instructional Technology Coach)

  • Remember important information
  • Save favorite webpages
  • Organize ideas & share with others