Come to Minnesota

Come to Minnesota!

We have wonderful transportation like trucks,cars,trains,bikes,skate boards,and etc. It also is fun to live here because there are lots of people.You can also go to parks here and have lots of fun. There is lots of thing to do here like ride bikes and go to the movies.People are nice here you can make a lot of friends if you try.You can do a lot of things in Minnesota.But in winter you better bundle up because it can get really cold.In spring it gets warmer and in summer it gets a lot warmer and you can actually wear shorts and flip flops or sandals.In fall it cool but not as cold and we have beautiful leaves that fall.There is a lot of woods in Minnesota also.Its usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer time . In the winter it can get to below zero out side and its really cold.We have hockey here a well as basketball, volleyball, and etc.There are also schools here like Forest Lake,Murphy,and etc.Minnesota is a wonderful place to go sledding in winter.Also a wonderful place to go swimming in the summer.There are lots of parks here for kids to play at.You can have picnics in the parks in summer.Minnesota people like to have fun and talk to there friends. I think you should come to Minnesota.

Summer and winter in Minnesota

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