Math-Magic With Laster

Welcome to our class!

Welcome to Pre-AP Pre-Calculus!

Working together, I know we'll have a successful, positive year.

Some of my goals for our class...

  1. to make connections to other subjects, between subjects, to future learning, and to the "real world."
  2. to foster a growth mindset in students; to help students develop grit.
  3. to see the "wow-factor" and creativity of mathematics. (It's mathmagical!)
  4. to use technology to make connections and to understand the mathmagic.
  5. to develop higher order thinking skills (including transfer, critical reasoning, and problem solving.)

About me...

This year marks my 25th year as an educator, and I continue to work to improve my teaching so that my students learn, grow, and succeed. I have taught everything from 8th grade math to AP calculus. I attended TCU and SFA, and my degrees are Secondary Education and (M.S.) Mathematics Teaching.

Learning About Grit

One of my course goals is to help students develop grit and a growth mindset.

Watch the video below and reflect on the questions and ideas presented here.