Health Hazard

Geneticall Modified Foods

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Why GMFS are not good?

Genetically Modified Foods have created several risks

-Weeds become more resistant to chemicals that kill them.

-GMF have not had long term research

-No labels to GMF

-No way of knowing if the genetics in the GMFS effect us and our genetics

-little info on these GMFs

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Why GMFS are good?

In some ways they are good. Here's whats so great :

Pest Resistance

Herbicide resistance

Cold tolerance


Opinion time!


GMFS need to stop. It's disgusting to think that a tomato isn't really a tomato. I also hate how they don't even label them. So none of us really know if it modified. I'm surprised that's legal. They say all foods have to have nutrition labels. Why don't GMFS? It's not fair and needs to stop.


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