4C News

Sunday, March 3, 2020


Kids will need to bring instruments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week!


Colonial America ~ This week, the kids will complete their Colonial America books. They are in the process of reading short texts to take notes on colonial women, colonial men, colonial children. Colonial trades will be studied as well.

Read Aloud ~ We finished The Underneath before break. Among the Hidden is our new book. It's waaaaaaay different!

PAWS ~ There will be no assigned task this week. Instead, we are going to spend our time working with an editing checklist that each of the students will need to use before submitting their rough copies to me for review. Furthermore, each student will choose one body paragraph from the last PAWS to improve during class time.

Picture Book Friday ~ There are two pictures below! I love how much the kids love this opportunity!

Big picture
Big picture


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are finally a few lessons into Module 5! Decomposing, or breaking down a fraction, using addition and multiplication and creating equivalent fractions was our focus this past week.


We kicked off the final unit of the year. The kids were able to feel both the force of attraction and the force of repulsion. After some work with magnetism, we'll be building circuits.