Chapa Choir Update 1.27.2020

Week of 1.27.2020

What's going on in Chapa Choir!

Currently in our world of choir it is both a busy and not so busy time for certain groups of singers. You will notice that our intermediate & beginner choirs do not have much on their list of choir events for the next few months. This is because we have switched gears to working on more of the individual singer's growth with their skills in both performing and reading music.

Please note that there will be some optional opportunities for some trips and socials that will pop-up and look for paper permission slips. For example we are currently in the process of planning a Choir Ladies Only ~ Movie Night on a future Friday evening that is TBD. For our men we are planning a trip to go sing the National Anthem for the Austin Spurs in Cedar Park in the spring along with some other men's choir in our district!

When comes to required things in choir please note that Varsity choirs have REQUIRED competitions in March/April. Intermediate/Beginners will have a require school/after school solo or ensemble performance early April.

Most of all all students should be completing daily performance expectations in daily choir class rehearsals in order to earn their best possible grades in choir. ALL students are offered opportunities to work with their peers daily in class and they are always welcome to schedule after school tutoring with me as situations arise. I ask that you please watch their grades at least every week or two for choir as some students do fall below the average and are not always be responsible with making it up per district policy.

~Also as a side note, several of you may have already heard this through the grapevine~ I am expecting my first child this summer(July) ! So if you notice a little "pregnancy-brain", I apologize in advanced =)

Chapa Choir Contact

Feel free to reach out any time! I would love to talk to you. Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply.
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MS All-Region Choir 2020 Honorees!

We had 12 of our choir students audition this past Saturday, Jan 25th, at Cedar Creek MS with 7 students who placed in this year’s All-Region MS Choir! 1 student placed in the Tenor-Bass Choir, 1 student placed in the 7th Grade Treble Choir & 5 students placed in the 8th Grade Treble Choir. Congratulations to 8th grader Tyson Garcia, 7th grader Anaila Webber, and 8th graders Isabel Garza, Nia Muñoz, Elizabeth Neal, Olivia Rivas, and Brooke Sterling! We are so proud of all our students who auditioned. This year’s Region Clinic & Concert will be on Saturday Feb. 8th 2020 at the Austin ISD PAC. Concert is free and open to the public at 4:00 PM.


Choice Sheet Time!

Please be on the lookout for elective choice sheets around this time of year. Students have already begun to hear presentations both in choir and from their school counselors this week to talk about plans for next year. It is important that EVERY student takes the time to fill these out with the courses they truly want.

Staying dedicated to a performance based course for multiple years looks fantastic on resumes and it truly builds up relationships, confidence and multiple skills in the work world for our singers (regardless if they are the next singing super star).

Future 7th & 8th Graders: Choir next year is a step up with more responsibility plus more trip opportunities! It is still possible to both sing and be involved in other passions in their life (Band/Athletics/Dance & More) ! Just be sure to put Choir as their top choice so we can be sure they are placed in the choir that is best for their level of learning in choir. All students have two courses they can land in next year for choir (Intermediate or Varsity) which is both based on preference and skill. I will be speaking with students about their preferences in the next month; it is the students job to just put CHOIR on the choice sheet if they are returning next year.

Future 9th Graders: High School is the perfect time to spend more time with a close group of singers and friends who get to sing more advanced music. I'm so excited for our future high school students who get to continue their skills with students who tend to be way more dedicated to music and building that choir family vibe. Contact Mrs.Grasso for more!

Please feel free to ask questions early on so we can avoid confusion and disappointment in scheduling next year. It is our goal to place students where they can succeed and have a positive music experience.

Spring Pop Show Concert

Tuesday, May 19th, 6-7:30pm

3311 Dacy Lane

Kyle, TX


Just a reminder that our final full concert of the year for all students is the final week of school here at CMS in our cafe-torium! This will be a free concert full on fun music from our groups and featuring solo curtain acts. We are also thinking of bringing back the ever so popular post- concert dessert reception with some requested help from our choir families & community.

Houston Trip & Previous Information

Houston Trip Registration has come to a close so we will be finalizing pricing here in the next couple of weeks as we reserved the charter buses! Registered students will be notified during class about the sign up lists for rooms and bus seating soon (4 to a room). They are able to mix up with their band friends as well.

Payment Reminders (total subject to change based on fundraisers and final numbers):

3rd Payment - Feb 2, $75.00

4th Payment - March 6, $75.00

5th FINAL PAYMENT - April 3rd (ONLY $49.00)

Please refer to the previous newsletter for all other details given so far about Houston (see link below).

CMS Choir Wishlist

We are always in need of the following items, please feel free to send your students with any of these items for choir class if you are willing/able~ Thank you in advanced!

  • Kleenex
  • Germ-X
  • Pre-sharpened/Mechanical Pencils
  • Nut-less Snacks (fruit gummies, granola bars, cheese-its, cheese crackers, etc.)