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I would say that the best affiliate marketing community online right now is soloacademy providing business opportunities. I am saying this because of first hand experience. I joined the community a couple of months ago and have gained a lot of knowledge on getting traffic and have been able to make corrections to the getting traffic methods I had been using wrongly.

This is a community for affiliate marketing, for both new and experienced marketers and all information is shared freely regardless of where you are in the business opportunities section of the online industry. It is truly a break through never seen before. Each member is guided through the steps necessary to achieve success and this is done through timely produced guides which are updated with current trends in the market. There are also software to be used to automate processes which would free up one to get on with making money online. And then there is the community of marketers who are there to provide assistance through the forum and the friendly support staff.

Soloacademy was started by two brothers who saw the necessity to selflessly and genuinely help persons in making money online. They themselves are achievers and impart their knowledge freely.

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To Your Success
Vinton Samms