Reflect and Interpret

Finding the "heart of the matter"

When you begin your action research, you will have to ask yourself what type of researcher you are. Do you want to know how many people responded or do you want to understand why they responded that way or how all the pieces fit together? Qualitative research gets to the 'heart of the matter' by examining attitudes and behaviour. In doing qualitative research, the researcher is not limited to actions, but is also interested in motivations. All parties involved have a voice and contribute to the outcome. Marriam Webster Dictionary defines it as follows:
qual·i·ta·tive /ˈkwɑ:ləˌteɪtɪv/ adjective : of or relating to how good something is : of or relating to the quality of something.

Qualitative research - defined


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”

- Albert Einstein

Qualitative Research


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