Whitley Road Elementary School

Week 29, April 4 - 8, 2016

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  • Transfer Fair 4:00 - 6:00


  • Embedded PD in Data Room
  • Charlie - 504 Mtg PM


  • Faculty Meeting


  • Charlie Out
  • Amy - out PM @ Admin

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News from your Assistant Principal -

SIT Meetings:

· As a friendly reminder, SIT meetings will still be held for behavior students, speech, SpEd and dyslexia EOY referrals. Janie will work on April’s SIT schedule.

Please follow the timeline below:

-Last day for referral Tuesday, April 12th.

-Parent conference by Thursday, April 14th.

- Email intervention logs or summaries to Charlie by Weds., April 20th

- SIT meeting Friday, April 22nd.

News from your Librarian -

Library Lingo for the week of 4-4-16

If the phone in the library starts ringing and a lesson is being taught to your class, please help by answering the phone. Many times it is the office calling to see if a specific child is in the library because they have an early dismissal, need to see the nurse, or are needed elsewhere in the building.

Please allow me, Karen, to be the person behind the circulation computer when checking books in and out to students. I appreciate that many of you want to be helpful, but at the end of the day, I am the one that has to account for the books and assign fines to kids for lost or damaged books. I hope this makes sense and doesn’t offend anyone.

April 22 is the last day that students can return a purple Reading Bingo card. Most of the students (except Kindergarten and those new to the school) have had since last summer to be working on all six cards. The directions and important dates are always printed on the backside of each card.

March 24 was the last day to return a green card to stay on schedule.

April 8 is the last day to return a blue card to stay on schedule.

April 22 is the last day to return a purple card to make it to the party.

Students may still work on Reading Bingo cards past the above mentioned dates and earn charms, they just won’t be able to work towards the free shirt and party incentives for this year.

If a parent asks about when their child will receive their ticket to Six Flags for participating in the 6 Hour Reading Program, please assure them that they are coming, but won’t arrive and be distributed until mid-May. The tickets will have a date range for when they can be redeemed which usually is between early June to mid-August.