Why UNT?

Corey Sparrow English-1302

Today I will be discussing all of the positive attributes of the University of North Texas

This is UNT
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About UNT

  • UNT stands for the University of North Texas
  • UNT is a co-ed facility, with 36,486 students in attendance. (48,3% male and 51.7% female)
  • Founded in 1890
  • Located in Denton, TX
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What makes UNT so great?

  • UNT has a large selection of majors, specifically a great music school, giving out hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships
  • UNT is fairly easy to get in to (regarding scores and GPAS)
  • Prices for attending UNT are not extreme in comparison to other major universities.


UNT offers 97 bachelor's , 82 master's and 35 doctoral degree programs. Many of these programs are nationally recognized.

UNT's most notable program is it's music school, which offered $ 918,440 in scholarships just last year. This makes the cost of attendance easier on students.

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Getting In to UNT

  • UNT's has a 60% acceptance rate
  • on Average, the student who were awarded automatic admission scored between a 21-26 on the ACT and a 1460-1780 on the SAT. Making getting in fairly achievable.
  • GPA is not required for application, but is recommended.
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Cost of attending UNT:

  • UNT's cost of attendance is $8,745 for anyone living in the state of Texas.
  • Including room and board, the totalcost of attending UNT is $16,100 without any scholarships.
  • Out of state tuition for UNT is $17,241
  • This cost is fairly inexpensive, compared to other major Universities across the country.

Campus Life:

UNT Virtual Tour: Campus Life

The goal of UNT

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