Tiger Times, April 2022

Burt Elementary School

A Note from Ms. Mathis and Ms. Karch:

Hello, spring! We have reached the point of the year where excitement abounds and everyone is looking forward to all of our end-of-the-year activities. Before we can get to all of those fun things we have planned, we have to tackle our TN Ready testing. We are proud of all of our students, teachers, and staff and we feel confident your Tiger is ready to show what they know. We look to you, families, to help support your student during this time. It can be a stressful time, but with all of us supporting our students they will be able to work to their potential. Here are some things our families can assist us with during this time.

  • Testing will begin at 8:45 each morning, so it is imperative that students arrive to school on time.
  • Students will not be admitted to a testing room if they arrive after 8:45.
  • We are proud to be able to serve breakfast to all students each morning, but if your child has specific nutritional needs or might be a picky eater, be sure they get a balanced breakfast each morning.
  • Most importantly, please make sure your Tiger gets great sleep each night. In order for this age group to function at their best, the recommendation is 8-10 hours each night.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are excited to see all of our heroes rise to the occasion! #heroesriseup #WeareBurt

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Yearbook sales end on April 6th!!

Click here to order your yearbook!

The cost is $15.96 and does not include applicable sales tax. Orders are due April 6th and can only be placed online, NOT at school.

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Please join us on the morning of Thursday, April 14th from 8:00-8-30 for Pastries with My Peeps! Burt Elementary and First Baptist Church will be hosting a delicious breakfast of pastries, fresh fruit, and juice for our students and their “Peeps!” Invitations will be coming home with students the first week of April. Please return your form to let us know how many will be joining your student. We look forward to seeing you there!
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Office Procedures and Visitors

  • Please understand that we cannot check students out from the front office after 3:00 pm. This is our policy and it will be upheld by our front office staff.
  • Transportation changes cannot be made over the phone. A note must be sent in with your student.
  • Students who have been determined to be walkers cannot be picked up in a car on the way to the neighborhood. If you would like your student to be a car rider you can send in a note to the child's teacher and they can be picked up via the car rider line. We are blessed that our line is very quick!
  • If you would like to add or delete anyone from your child's emergency pick-up list that must be done online through our parent self-service system. Here is the website for that: parents.cmcss.net
  • The district has lifted the COVID restrictions and visitors are once again allowed in the buildings. In light of this, we felt we needed to remind our families of some policies and procedures. For safety reasons, lunch visitors must be on the student’s emergency card in order to have lunch with students. This is meant to be a special time with your child, therefore, you are not allowed to bring your child’s friends with you to the visitor tables, and any food or treats you bring would be for just you and your child. We have limited seating for guests and guests are not allowed to sit at the class tables. Visitors will be allowed to sign in at their student’s lunchtime. Children must return to class when their lunchtime ends. At that time all visitors will need to sign out through the front office.
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