Mrs. Walker's Newsletter

Week of December 7th


Students will connect their experiences in reading workshop to write persuasive pieces within writer’s workshop. Like the persuasive pieces explored,
students will structure their writing to present a viewpoint on a topic and effectively support their arguments.


Write a persuasive argument (essay) about a president that you would like to bring back from the past to be President for the next four year. As you write
your essay remember that you should:
1. Write a strong beginning that includes a statement of your opinion.
2. Consider the other side of the issue.
3. Include sound reasons and evidence to support your opinion.
4. End by summarizing and restating your opinion.
5. Try to use correct grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.
As part of the assessment, present your argument for this President to be brought back to the future to the class.

Social Studies

Complete American Revolution. We will begin Three branches of government.

Home work

Students should read nightly for 20 minutes and work on their spelling words.


If a student is failing reading or has failed benchmark #2. I would like for them to attend my tutoring. I tutoring every Wednesday after school until 4:00 pm and Thursday @ 7:30 am
Also, we are taking our monthly I-Station assessment. If students are on level 3. I would like for them to attend tutoring as well. We need to work on fluency

Winter Party scheduled 12/18 (Mrs. Walker's HR)

Are party is scheduled for the 12/18 @10:30am

We are in need of juice boxes, cupcakes and chips for 26 students.

Progress Reports

My HR received there progress reports from Mrs. Fusig today.

Curriculim Night 12/10/2015

Curriculum Night is Thursday, 12/10/2015. We will begin at 6:30-7:45. If you would like to see 4th grade perform be here @6:00.

Students will practice fluency and a play with parents.

Hope to see you guys there!