The Story of G-Baby

Birth through Toddling

On This Day in History... The British Came!

Two centuries after the the British landed on the 18th of April, a beautiful young girl entered the world, a mop of black curls resting atop her head. The squealing little bundle weighed a healthy 6 lbs. and 18 ounces and had a normal length of 19 inches.

Favorite Toys

Like most stereotypical young American girls, I was told to like Barbies. So I did. Especially the ones with my chocolate skin tone. My favorite was a dark skinned beauty with silky straight hair, long legs, and baby powder pink ballet shoes forever molded to her feet. At first I resented those shoes because she couldn't wear any other shoes and they only matched certain outfits. Then I found the perfect outfit.

My other less popular favorite toy were the statue collection my Grandma had sitting on top of the stereo. There was a black preacher dressed in maroon and blue robe, a couple of black angels, some light skinned angels dressed in golden robes, a precious angels baby, a couple of African women, some children, and a various assortment of others. I usually had the pastor preach and the choir sing and sometimes they were in heaven. I flew them around the house, unusually careful for someone my age.

Disney Tigger The Tiger Bouncing Talking Toy - Winnie The Pooh - Lucky Penny Shop

Bouncing Tigger

As a Christmas present one day I got the Bouncing Tigger Toy. If you press his shoulder down he'll pop up and say "Bouncing Tigger Hehehe!" I did that multiple times and pure laughter fell from mouth. My Uncle and Granddad shared a secret look and approached my Grandma, silent anger resonating in their gazes. "Why'd you let her have that?!" They demanded. "Its degrating!" "All he says is bouncing Tigger" my Grandma answered, baffled. Their low chuckling laughs broke the few seconds of tense silence. You see, they thought the orange and black toy said "Bouncing N*****"

Spending, Spooning, and Pudding

All children are expensive, period. They need food, they moral support, they need cell phones and an iPod.... I was by no means an exception to the fact that children are time consuming capsules of joy, I was the exception to precisely how expensive having a baby could be. As a baby I was colicky, prone to waking up during the night, and very much lactose intolerant. I could't even handle breast milk. So naturally when I was able to eat pudding and no longer costing my family $19-$20 a bottle for Alba formula, everyone was relieved.

Especially my mother, who could then began teaching me the wonders of modern silverware.

At the ripe age of 9 months I was able to successfully hold a spoon, the correct way. My Mother refused to allow me to do anything different and insisted on raising me with manners.

Connection Problems

My dad was away over seas, training and whatnot while I was busy transforming from a fetus to a grown up baby. I didn't hold it against him. We often talk via telephone, oh the wonders of technology, and I learned who he was, to me. My "Dada". The first word I said I connected to the voice I heard over the phone. However the connection did not reach to the moment when I actually saw him in person."Dada!" I shouted, pointing enthusiastically to the phone rather than the smiling face in front of me.

Pwince Pweston

The name of family dog which I quickly claimed as my own after a short few months of living. At times he was a friend, albeit an incredibly furry one, with a tail to boot who liked to be pet and had only a bark, no bite. He preferred to rile others into chasing him the expertly dash under the house where one as small as him could fit. Other times he was a brother, someone who I would enthusiastically narrate my day to. And on special occasion he was my valiant steed whom I would bravely ride into battle---If only for a few seconds. He didn't to much like the steed position and preferred to accompany me as a companion through my imaginary universe.

Words Words Words Words Words Words Words

I enjoyed them even when I didn't know how to read, I enjoyed talking, non-stop to the annoyance of some and many times imagined I had my own TV show, in which I would interview stuffed animals, venture outside with Pwince, conduct radical science experiments with the biology around me, and of course, sing.