Princess Diana's Death Conspiracy

BY: Iqra Shafiq

Theory #1: Drunk Driver

  • According to author, David Aaronovitch, Diana's driver Henri Paul was drunk the night of her death. Evidence to this theory is that in his book he states “ Diana, leaving the Paris Ritz was put in a back of a Mercedes, driven recklessly fast by a man who had been drunk”. (48)
  • The driver of the Mercedes in which Princess Diana died on Sunday had a level of alcohol above the legal limit in his blood. In this article the author states that " the analysis of his blood showed a concentration of alcohol at an illicit level." (Who Killed Princess Diana)

Theory #1: Drunk Driver

  • Aaronovitch addresses the theory of Diana's murder in his book. He says " even so in the decade following the accident a steady fifth to just under a third of British people and a similar proportion of Americans continued to believe that Diana was murdered. (149)
  • David Emery author of " Who killed Princess Diana" did not address the opposing theory


Theory #2: M16 killed Princess Diana


In a article the author claims that M16 killed Diana. They decided that she was a threat to the throne, so she should be taken out. M16 is suspected of bugging Diana throughout her years in the royal life. Also bodyguard, Trevor Rees- Jones was a former member of the Crack Parachute Regiment, so he could have had contact with members of the secret service. The author of the article states "Rees survived the crash as evidence that he was in on the plot to snuff out the Diana threat" ( "Diana, Princess of Whales")

Theory #2: M16 Killed Princess Diana

The author of this article acknowledges the opposing theory by stating that " few doubt that the nutters at M16 are capable of anything but sure even they would have had qualms about bumping off Diana, and if any for the reason that her death might bring on the things they most fear" ( Diana, Princess of Whales)

Myth VS. Truth

I believe that Princess Diana died because of the car crash and the drunk driver. I believe that because in the book Voodoo Histories it states that the drivers alcohol level was above the legal limit. Also in the article " Who Killed Princess Diana" it says " the legal limit of alcohol in a driver's blood in France is 0.5 grams per liter of blood, that equals two glasses of beer or one glass of wine. Diana's drivers blood- alcohol level was 1.75 grams."