1st and 5th Grade

What we liked about these grades. :D

Zakariya: "I like to do science!"

I also like science because it is fun.
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Owen: "I liked the time I have had learning and having fun in 5th Grade."

Recess is my favorite subject. Wait, Nevermind that's not a subject.

My favorite subject is also science.

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Zakariya: "I like recess!"

It's super fun and I can play in the sand and with my friends.
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Owen: " I enjoyed 5th Grade as much as I could."

I enjoyed it more because this is my last year in Klein... I'm moving, to cy-fair.

And I am going to a school called Hamilton.. It's going to be a sad experience.

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Zakariya: " I feel scared about going into 2nd Grade."

"I'm just scared because there will be new kids."
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