The perfect Samurai

Who is a Samurai first off....

A Samurai is a Japanese warrior who adheres to a strict code of honor and pledges fealty to his noble lord. Today, the formal role of Samurai has disappeared since the Japanese feudal system is defunct, but the values and traditions still pertain.

Who has the qualites to become a Samurai?

  • No fear of death
  • Enter any battle no matter the odds.
  • The Code of the Samurai called the "The Seven Virtues of the Samurai"
  • Japanese code of conduct and a way of life!!!

Education credentials

education in Japan dates back at least to the sixth century, when Chinese learning was introduced at the Yamato court. Foreign civilizations have often provided new ideas for the development of Japan's own culture.

The duties of a Samurai

duties of a samurai are quite easy, but very honorous. The privileges are:

  • carry two swords, and use if necessary.
  • Murder people of lower class if they have acted unlawful.
  • Use a last name, use a horse,
  • use a palanquin.

Proper conduct of a Samurai

filial piety
self sacrifice
honor to the death

Weapons needed

Most samurai use a katana (is a common samurai sword)

Samurai also carried a back up sword called a wakizashi

More weapons would be a tanto,kama,and fans.

Awards and Honors

Won numerous samurai duals while roaming the countryside as a ronin (masterless samurai) searching for a new master

Personal Values

Warriors have only one judge of honour and character, and this is themselves. Decisions they make and how these decisions are carried out is a reflection of who they truly are.
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