Dt Lab Investigation

Identify the Problem

NISC is planning to start a DT class (Design technology class) in 2013-2014 and currently have no designs for the DT room and they really want to get the project moving. We have a room, but no arrangement of furniture and tools yet, especially when they are trying to get this project started those sort of problems are really a menace and needs to be sorted out.

Design Brief

Our task that has been assigned to us in this unit is to design the new DT lab for our school's MYP program. The design will be done in Google Sketch-up.

Target Audience

The people who might use this design are the architectures building the room, these include: building companies, construction businesses, supply shops and tool suppliers. Once the construction is done the people who might reside and use my design are IB students of this school as well as teachers.

Testing Method

3 people from my class will test my product by having my 3 classmates represent the 3 target audience which are:

1. Architecture

2. Construction company

3. Tools/furniture supplier

They will test my product in a checklist form. The checklist form will involve whether have the necessary Items in the room, whether it meets the standards of the design specifications. They will also send feedback about my design.

The checklist will have ratings as:

"1" : Not satisfied with my design

"2" : Satisfied with my design

"3" : Good

"4" : Very good

"5" : Excellent

The feedback that they will provide should include:

1. 3-5 ways that I can improve my product

2. List 3-5 strengths of my product

3. Give their thoughts on my placement and layout

4. My abilities to use Google Sketch-up

Design specification

My Design must include:

  • Percise room dimension in my design which are based off of the real room
  • Four emergency exits
  • Two main entry points
  • Very good ventilation
  • Maximum natural light
  • Function without power
  • Sanitation station
  • Emergency shower
  • Eye washing center
  • Two first aid stations
  • 1 firehose and 2 fire extinguishers
  • Bag and personal belonging storage station
  • Truck loading bay
  • A gallery area
  • Space for 25 students
  • Machinery that will be needed in DT studies which include 1. furniture making (wood) 2. toys for kids (wood) 3. producing a letterbox (sheet metal) and 4. key fob making (acrylic)
  • Storage place for wood, metal, paint and acrylic
  • Tool storage
  • Safety equipments and safety equipment storage

Computer Lab Redesign

We used the website to re-design the room (Technology Lab-room 306). We used the website to re-arrange the layout of the room to try to improve the room in both the space and the use of placement of the room. In my design I put student computer desks in an M form, this way everyone can see what everyone is doing. The meeting desk is up in the front while the projector is put at the bottom right. The teacher's desk is also put at the bottom, this way the teacher can see nearly what everyone is doing. The projector is also at the bottom so if the teacher has to show something they don't have to move too much. The most naughty and slacked student will sit at the desk closest to the teacher's, so the teacher can see his/her action very easily.

Click on the image for full picture

Reasearch and Skill Development

To help me understand and improve my skills in "CAD" (Computer-Aided Design), Classroom Design and Layout (Basically designing something).

I use this website:, to rearrange the current computer lab. The website was really simple and easy-to-use. It was really useful for rearranging simple furniture layout. However I cannot edit the empty room design and shape except for it's dimensions.

To Help me understand and improve my knowledge and skills in CAD, I was assigned to use Google Sketch-up to recreate a virtual model of my school's cafeteria.

I searched for a blogging or website creating websites to use for this project along with my classmates (Most of our research was done in Our final conclusion was to use to record our project and work in this unit as a report. However Smores weren't our only choice we had other choices to choose from such as: Penzu, Penio, Flipsnack and a few more which I can't remember.

Now, to improve my knowledge of this unit and subject (design technology labs) even further, I did some more research and this is what I found:

First of all, I have to say that there are no actual websites about DT labs. However for me I believe that DT labs are a mix of mini wood workshops, a mini black smith, and research lab, so I just went to research about those places by analyzing pictures from and comments from these websites::

I found out that DT labs/rooms are really big and spacious, however the DT equipment and furniture will fill most of the space that the empty room has; I would consider that to be a problem in DT rooms. I also noticed that they have alot of windows that give both ventilation and natural lights. They are all really well lit whether it is from the natural light or from the light bulbs. Tables and chairs occupy most of the space in the middle of the rooms. The equipments and tools stay at the corners of the room and/or against the walls. I don't really see sanitation centers which I think we should add in the designs. The rooms in the DT lab don't tend to be divided by doors, but rather by arcs or nothing.

Google Sketch-up

Google Sketch-up was a program made by Google to help people make designs and models of architectures and buildings.

To help me understand and get used to using Google Sketch-up I made a model of my school's cafeteria hall.

The design that I made was the interior of the cafeteria hall. Some measurements were not precise and according to the actual hall, but most of the main things that you would see are placed at the correct positions.