Paw Prints

Norfolk Junior High

By Caleb Harthoorn

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Caleb Harthoorn is 6 foot 5 inches and weighs 170 pounds. He attended Norfolk High School and his activities included swimming, basketball, track and field, and cross country. Caleb attended University of Iowa and majored in math. Caleb’s first job was detasseling, then he worked at the waterpark in High school. Now he is a missionary and teaches math in Mozambique, Africa. Caleb married Rebecca and had five children, three boys and two girls. The oldest was a boy named Joseph, then they had two identical male twins named David and Aaron, next they had a girl named Kathrin after that they had one more girl named Edith. Now they are living in Mozambique. They moved there nine months after David was born. He enjoys ultimate frisbee, running, swimming , and some basketball. He plans to work in Mozambique for five more years, then move to America permanently. After that, he plans to settle in, and help his kids get into college and hopefully have grandchildren.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall while sitting on the King’s castle wall. Humpy Dumpty fell off the wall. The king’s horse, and all of the knights couldn't put him back together. This horrible incident happened on December 24th in 2000. So now poor Humpty sits in pieces waiting for someone who can put him back together. Humpty Dumpty fell when he was trying to catch a ball from his friend named Bob. The ball was too far from the wall and Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall, while trying to catch a ball too far from the wall. So now poor old Humpty is broken for life until someone can put him together.

The Big Five

If you want an amazing safari I suggest you go to Thomas Safaris. You can experience all the Big Five! These animals, the lion, leopard, elephant, black rhino, and the cape buffalo were named the Big Five because the are the hardest African animals to kill on foot. Lions are hard to hunt because they are aggressive and will attack the hunters. Leopards are hard to hunt because they are stealthy and are very strong. They can carry their prey up a tree up to twice their weight, and kill 99% of their prey on their hunts. Cape buffalo don’t look dangerous but are fast and the men can weigh up to 2,000,000 pounds. Elephants are hard to hunt because of their thick hide. Black rhinos are also hard to hunt because they also have thick hide, are fast and are also aggressive. So can you take the challenge of hunting them with binoculars?
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Despicable Me

Have you ever watched Despicable Me? A villain named Gru is trying to steal the moon, so he steals a shrink ray so he can shrink the moon. But as he's flying away, another plane steals the shrink ray. The next day he tries to steal it back, but every time he tries the other villain (Vector) hits him with a boxing glove or cuts the line he is using to climb. Then when three little girls try to sell him cookies, Vector let’s them in. So Gru get’s an idea. He goes to the orphanage to adopt the girls, so that he can steal the shrink ray. He makes cookie monsters so he can use them to put in the cookie boxes and sell them to Vector. Then he falls in love with the girls and you get to see what happens next if you watch the movie.

Pic Collage

I chose pic collage because it is easy to use and great for school projects. You can write texts and change the font and even change the color of the text. You can also easily add pictures and make any changes. You just find a picture, add it camera roll, go to pic collage, tap anywhere to push photos, then select the picture you saved. If you want to move the picture or the text, you just touch it and move it. If you would like it bigger you just put you two fingers on the picture of word then push your fingers away from each other, and it will get bigger. If you want it smaller you just start with your fingers apart and push them toward each other. I use pic collage because it is really easy and fast, you should try it today.