Old Navy Sweatshops

Raygan Oaks

  • The sweat shops are located in Ashulia, Bangladesh and the outskirts of Dhaka
  • they make clothing
  • the get paid 20 to 40 cents an hour
  • factory working conditions are horrible. They are subjected to physical punishments
  • they have no benefits, pregnant women get no maternity leave. a woman was not allowed her maternity leave & worked for over a 100 hours a week and lost the baby

  • Solutions/alternatives to sweatshops: we can have companies demand their suppliers improve their working conditions and substantially improve pay. We can also have companies actually go out to the factories and make sure that the conditions are fit certain standards.
  • What did i learn: I learned that sweatshops do actually still exist and that they are horrible places to work
  • As an American consumer i am now more concerned with how the produces are made because if you know that these companies use sweatshops and you still buy stuff from them you're basically supporting them
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