The Problem with ISIS

Information on what ISIS is doing and has done

Past Attacks

The U.S. has actually had a history with ISIS. The U.S. knew about ISIS way back in the early 2000's. The U.S. knew that they had bad intentions all along, but they did not think they would be a big threat. That was until present day. ISIS has had a sudden uprising and has taken a majority of Syria. Most recently ISIS did the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11, the Paris bombings. They killed 130 and wounded hundreds of others. Paris said this was the biggest bloodshed since World War II. The second biggest attack was when they took down a Russian plane. What it really shows is that ISIS really wants to get their name out there. ISIS claimed that they put a bomb on the plane even though the rest of the world wasn't framing them. ISIS is trying to be infamous, and to be honest they are achieving that.

Why Should Westerners Care?

Possibly the scariest thing about ISIS is the fact that they are known to spread. It may seem crazy, but there are around 200 known ISIS recruits right here in the U.S. Refugees from Syria are a major topic as well nowadays, and what happened in France was caused by some "refugees" that weren't actually refugees, they were recruits from ISIS. That is where conflict with letting Syrian refugees come into countries, they don't know who is actually a refugee or who is under disguise. This is why ISIS is spreading they are taking advantages of the terrorist attacks they are doing and making more of it and causing chaos far beyond their borders. ISIS has shown that they can spread, and they are somehow convincing people even in America that their cause is a good thing. The Middle East shouldn't be the only place that should fear ISIS, it should be everyone.


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