girl gone missing

Day 1

On Aug. 4, 1999, a girl named Goldilocks went missing. Her mother says that she went to her friends house and never came back. Her friend told the police that Goldilocks did make it to her house and three hours later went home. As the police searched the sidewalks that lead back to Goldilocks home, all they found were tracks that walk by the graveyard then stops.

Day 2

After a day of looking, the police are stopped in their tracks until someone calls the station claiming that they saw Goldilocks going into the woods, which is a short cut to her home. The caller also said, “I heard screaming so I ran in the woods and Ii found a house, but before I could look inside something hit me in the head. When I woke up I was at Skyview Lake.” The cops searched the house and found some strange things. When they went in the house and into the kitchen they found three bowls of porridge. Two had one bite taken out of them and the third was all gone. When they went in the next room there were three chairs. One was broken to pieces! Then they went up the stairs and found that there was a bedroom. This was where Goldilocks went missing. The room was a mess. The beds were upside down, the pictures were broken and the window was smashed.

Day 3

As the police search the scene of the crime, they find some clues. The biggest cules were footprints and two pieces of hair. The first piece of hair was gold. This was Goldilocks hair, and the second was brown almost black. The police found that this was a black bear's fur. At this point, the police have no doubt that Goldilocks is dead, but they still need to find a body. The police come across three footprints and marks in the ground that looks like someone was dragged. The police fall through a trap door with a tunnel. When the cops have been walking through this tonk tunnel, they find that this is really a maze. Two hours later, they come across a door. They listen and hear three people talking plus Goldilocks. The cops break down the door and see three bears and Goldilocks chained to the wall. They find that the bears can talk, but put them down right away, and unchain Goldilocks. All she has is a broken arm and some scratches and bruises. She went to the hospital and was sent home afterward.


My favorite app is YouTube. It has a lot of videos you can watch. Some you can choose what happens and you can make your videos.

honger games

The Hunger Games are directed by Gary Ross and written mostly by Suzanne Collins.

In this action adventure movie an uprising of America splits it into 12 districts. In the 74th anniversary one man and one woman in each district must be chosen for a fight to the death. After a girl named Katniss Everdeen sister’s Primrose Everdeen is chosen, Katniss volunteers as tribute. On her way she finds a friend named Cinna and a guy named Peta Melark. They must survive the Hunger Games. The actors are Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Woody Hurreson.