Beauty During The Victorian Age

Ciara Ford

Makeup Relation To The Victorian Age

The Victorian age era was about modesty and natural beauty.Many of them used powder to tone down shine and give skin glow. Eye shadows and lipsticks were pale. Heavy makeup was considered taboo and was used for prositutes. Cosmetics became controversial religions banning them as immoral or labeling them as "the tools of the devil".

The producer the Victorian's used to apply their make was.

Step 1: start with a pale foundation as a base.

Step 2: add a little pressed powder to prevent shine.

Step 3: apply pink blusher to the apple's of the cheeks and blend.

Step 4: add pale eye shadow and blend into crease.

Step 5: add a little lipstick to the lip to make it look plum and soft.

Hair Relation To The Victorian Age

Hair during this period was often pulled back off of the face. They placed the hair into a Chignon, bun, plaits, or , even curls. Long curls were used to accent the face at the sides or back. Men wore curls in their hair. Victorian men often sported a mustache or beard and sometimes allowed their sideburns to grow.

Symbolic Color's Of The Barber Pole

The barber pole a symbol of the barber surgeon. The bottom cap represents the basin used to catch the blood. The red and white stripes represent the bandages that stopped the blood. As the wind blew, these bandages would become twisted around the pole. The barber pole then was the symbol for the barber surgeon. In the united states men and woman wore wigs.

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