Fashion Photographer


Taking college courses that specialize in fashion photography. Working as an assistant for a well know successful photographer is said to be the best way to prep and really learn the reality of the job with hands on experience. It would also be beneficial to have a membership with a professional association of photography ex. AOP. Other than that there isn't much for any continued education.

Skills needed to be successful

Different types of photography job require different skills.

Magazine Photographer: strong creative and technical skills, excellent management and interpersonal skills. Magazine photographers often work via agency.

Catalogue Photographer: must be good and reliable, hardworking, maintain employers confidentiality, good communication and organizational skills, be able to control and handle the stress of a studio, and must have outstanding technical skills.

High Fashion Photographer: demands ambition and dedication, takes years of hard work to get here, high profile, are highly paid, must be able to select own team of assistants and specialists.

To get to be any of these photographers working as or interning as a photographers assistant is a requirement.

Advancement, Work Environment, and People

Assistant->catalogue->magazine->high fashion

Work environment: busy, crowded, stressful

People you work with: assistants, models, stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers

Job Outlook, Salary, Locations

Entry level average photographer salary: $28,490 per year, $13.70 per hour

Outlook: expected to grow by 4% in the next few years

Best locations: New York and Paris

Steven Meisel & Mario Testino

Steven Meisel: One of the most successful fashion photographers shoots for both the US and Italian Vogue. He started out as an illustrator first photographing he did was for portfolios of those who were trying to be in seventeen magazine after the magazine saw his work they offered him a job.

Mario Testino: Photographs featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair. Studied photography in London.