Mass Schedules and other Need-to-Knows

Dear Parents,

There have been some questions regarding this week's Falcon Flyer paragraph about New Mass Day Schedules. Just to clarify, every Wednesday is, and has always been, a different schedule because we start the first hour of the day with Mass. As a Catholic Campus, our very identity is in our attendance of Mass. It is the most basic and central thing we do all week. The hour of Mass that we attend on Wednesday does, and has always, counted as the campus Religion credit for the day. All grade levels are required a minimum of 30 minutes per day, as per TCCBED guidelines. Therefore on Wednesday, scholars do not have Mass and religion class. Please see below for answers to other questions that have been asked:

Q: Why are religion teachers getting one hour of credit?

A: Mass counts as the religion credit for the day, and as a Catholic Campus, Mass and Religion are the first and utmost important credit our scholars receive.

Q: Are scholars still getting math, reading, science, and social studies?

A: Of course! All scholars and all grade levels receive, at minimum, the required daily TCCBED requirements, even on Mass Day. That is why a new Mass Day schedule had to be created--to accommodate the required minutes.

Q: Are the students still having PE on Mass Day?

A: Yes, of course again! However, some of the upper grades have Health rather than PE. PreK-1st grade has Free Play (recess) and PE; grades 2-8 have Health. According to TCCBED guidelines, Health is an acceptable integration and use of PE time. Lucky for us, we have a certified teacher with a degree in Kinesiology to teach our health classes! What a wonderful educational opportunity for our scholars!

Q: Why are children not getting an hour of religion AND Mass?

A: TCCBED requirements do not allow for our schedule to do an hour of Mass and an hour of religion, and still get in the other required minutes. Further, only our Certified Catechist teachers teach religion, and it would be impossible for these teachers to handle this load in one day. Further, the minimum required minutes for religion is 30 minutes per day, whereas with other subjects it is longer, and we have to accommodate for all requirements.

Q: Is 5th grade going to Camp Kappe?

A: Yes, dates are late this spring. More information will go out at a later date.

Q: Are we doing a spelling bee this year?

A: We have two teachers who have volunteered to be the spelling bee sponsors and they will be sending out information soon.

Q: What is Drama? Is it a club or a class?

A: As per TCCBED guidelines, Theater (Drama) may be substituted one a week for credit. Our Drama Club is in conjunction with our Drama class, and they are preparing work for an upcoming Spring Show.

Q: Do we have student advocates who look into handling needs of individual children?

A: Each and every staff member is an advocate for your child; that is our job. However, learning begins at home, and you are your child's main advocate. If there is an issue or concern, that should be brought first to the teacher and then, if needed, to the administration. Any special needs or needs of individual children should be privately discussed with the teachers and administration so that we can better support your child.

If there are any more questions or concerns, it is encouraged that you contact your child's teacher and/or the principal. The staff is working overtime to thoroughly communicate with each and every family. Currently our school board is working with special teams regarding communication, curriculum, and tuition/finance. Teachers communicate with parents via newsletter, group me, emails, etc. Not all forums are used by every teacher, therefore if you have a question or concern, please contact the teacher. As a Catholic campus, respect, support, and love for our staff, parishioners, and each other should be present in all of our communication, forums, and meetings. The primary mission of Catholic Schools is to create Disciples of Christ. Therefore, slander, gossip, rumors, etc. should not be part of who we are and our Catholic Identity. Our campus can only grow when we are all working together. Thank you.