Allye Roszell

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Daily Activities

They interpret medical images and x-rays. They also treat disease with radiation.

Working conditions

You have to have a good responsibility for the health and safety of others, always work indoors,must be exact and accurate, and usually work a set schedule.

Yearly wages


Preparation and / or training

You have to have a high school diploma or equivalent,complete a bachelor’s degree,graduate from a medical school,complete an internship,pass a state licensing exam,complete a residency program in radiology,pass additional exams to become board certified, and complete an optional specialization fellowship.

5 important skills and abilities

You need to be able to communicate, problem solve, use math and science,manage oneself, people,time,and things, work with people, work with things, and perceive and visualize.

Recommended core classes and electives

Math,Science,Physics, and Biology.
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My Job: Radiologist