Immunity system

By: Rinith, Vishaal, and Andrew

3 lines of defense

The three lines of defense are Phyisical Barrier, Search & Destroy, and Antibody Manufacture.

Physical Barrier.

The physical barrier includes the skin and mucous membranes.

This is the first line of defense. The mucous membranes line all of the bodies openings, keeping harmful pathogens from getting into the body. If this layer is too weak, the pathogens will easily slip by and the second layer will have to kick in.

Search and destroy

This includes Macrophages, Granulocytes, and Natural Killer Cells.

The immune system is made up white blood cells and they search for the virus and destroy it. 8/10 times, they do not destroy the virus due to over powered. Some times, the virus is so powerful, it infects the white blood cells, for example AIDS. These viruses are made to shut down a human'

s immune system. Also there are proteins that stop inflammation.

Antibody Manufacturing

This includes T Lymphocytes (T cells) and B Lymphocytes (B Cells). T cells and B cells are both know as lymphocytes. They are part of a group of white blood cells. Antibodies are y shaped proteins created by white blood cells. The B cell and the T cell interact with each other to speed up the process in which the pathogens are killed.