Top 100 Healthiest Places to Work

In the Nation!

Congratulations Wellness Champions!

As you may be aware, we were selected in the top 10 healthiest places to work in Atlanta for the past two years. By the same company, Healthiest Employers, (, we have now been awarded a spot in the top 100 healthiest places to work in the nation for 2013!

They have surveyed over 15,000 executives, 5,000+ companies & organizations in 43 cities and 31 states. That is 1/3 of the U.S. workforce. And we are in the top 100 for "exceptional leadership in building a productive workplace committed to associate wellbeing."

And our award is...

#32 in the nation!

Here is a word from Healthiest Employers and a complete listing of the top 100:

The 2014 Healthiest 100 Workplaces Award Announcement

Collaborative Health, Stronger & Stronger

Culturally, we have experienced a unique shift from start up initiatives and engagement strategies to life at work means holistically living well. Working here is equated to working out, clean eating is commonplace and our workforce continually works at being healthy. Other workforces are asking, "Is there a program," we ask, "Which one to choose from now?" We now have those good problems of sharing equipment and working through various crowds in the Coliseum.

Our collaborative efforts have momentum on our side, we are running at a great pace and it feels awesome! Thank you Shane, executive team and leaders throughout who live by example and grant latitude for healthy action.

New heights ahead!

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