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November Issue

What Is Canvas? Why Should I Use It?

Canvas is Volusia County's newly adopted Learning Management System. Canvas is an easy to use, device agnostic, cloud based online learning platform that connects your digital tools and teaching resources. It is a way to personalize learning and makes it easier for teachers to differentiate their instruction. It is a platform you can use to flip or blend your classroom.

You can access Canvas from VPORTAL or the direct link is

An Introduction to Canvas

Welcome to Canvas- Online Introductory Course

On September 28th we offered the first professional learning opportunity on Canvas. We presented the "Welcome to Canvas -An Introductory Course." This course taught the 245 participants the basic features of Canvas. Participants in the course were to provide feedback of the course. One participant shared "All I can say is thank you for allowing teachers to learn how to utilize and bring an online resource into the classroom. This opens up what we know to be individualized learning, differentiation, preparing our students for 21st century learning which will propel us into a greater paradigm shift into how we learn and teach. Learning becomes anytime, anywhere yet the teacher still leads. This is a powerful tool to use for those teachers who are looking to blend their classes." This course is offered all year in addition to January 25th for our next Regional Early Release Professional Learning Opportunity. See details below to sign up.

Training Opportunities

  • Open all year- Welcome to Canvas-Online Training Course-Mypgs Section # 77993
  • November 30-Face to Face Training at New Smyrna Beach High 4:30-6:00- Mypgs. Section # 78909
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What's New? Try the Redirect Tool

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