Adam Lukow

about me

my name is harry and I have been hopping all around to find the right girl maybe you'll be the one for me. if you don't like buck teeth don't even think about dating me. if its orange and green its always on me, and if u have no money or food don't be rude and don't ever talk to me. But please consider dating me and maybe ill let you touch my fur.


hi harry I am a very scaly girl with a thrill for swimming, and I will give u all the carrots u want. also u will be always satisfied when I'm around. please read and consider my dating request.


you are a very nice fish. I will always hang out with u and I will take u to the Texas road house to eat and we will have the hole garbage can to ourselves. I will bring a bucket of rain water for u to ride in and I will carry u the hole way.