Watt's Up


Safety Drill Review

Safety Scenario:

At 9:51 am, a parent enters the building to speak with Mrs. Watt (who is out of the building). After a brief conversation with Lupe, the parent becomes angry and pulls out a knife.

Standard Response Protocol: School should move into a Lockdown Drill.

Announcement: Chime from PA System followed by "Locks, Lights, Out of Sight" (times two)

Alternate: Chime from PA System with NO Announcement (only to be used if an announcement cannot be made)

Safety Measures that MUST Occur:

  1. Assess the situation
  2. Action - run, hide, or fight
  3. Call 911
  4. Communicate - ensure everyone is aware of danger (if possible)

Other Measures:

  1. We will always have two people in the Main Office.
  2. We will use the PA Chime as a distress notification only.
  3. We will keep phone extensions next to all phones.
  4. We will keep classroom doors locked at all times.

Busy Week

I will be out of the building on Wednesday and Thursday. Lupe will be out of the office on Wednesday. Michele, Carrie, and Nicole with help out up from on Wednesday. Michele and David will help out front on Thursday morning.

Cluster on Thursday has been cancelled. Nicole, Carrie, and I will attend a training at Central Office.

Crown Counseling Announcement

Carmen has been in high-demand this school year. So much that she starts full-time at Merit today! Woohoo! She has been a great fit for our students. Welcome her to the staff!

I will work on getting her a goshenschools email address today!

Yea! Carmen!

Love Bag Count

Last week, Lupe and I handed out 20 love bags. Keep encouraging the credit earning!